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Rickey Henderson Story

Posted by Mike on October 16, 2008

From ESPN The Magazine:

Rickey! Oh, man. One time we were playing in Baltimore, at the old stadium there, way before Camden Yards. Rickey used to call everyone by one letter. Half the time I was “Hey D!” but sometimes I’m “Hey E!” and a couple of times in there, I was “Hey B!”Some guys on the team were saying, “Does he even know everyone’s name?” In Baltimore, the one thing about Memorial Stadium was: they always seemed to play better music than all the other stadiums. So Rickey’s out there with the bat on his shoulder, and Aretha Franklin comes on: “R-E-S-P-E-C-T.” Rickey’strying to sing along to it, but he keeps messing up the letters. I’m pretty sure he was saying “R-E-D-B-P-S-T-C” or something. Everyone’s laughing, guys are saying “Can he even spell it?” Rickey used letters for everything. Now, I want to be careful to say, I’m not saying he’s stupid. Rickey’s a smart guy. But the Aretha Franklin story was classic.

This story was told by Dennis Eckersly. Come on Eck, “Rickey is a smart guy” for some reason he doesn’t know how to spell RESPECT with the letters being sang letter by letter. Your not saying he is stupid but you are calling him a retard.



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