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Guess Who ?

Posted by Mike on October 16, 2008

We have taken out the name of the player who ESPN’s  Scoop Jackson is talking about, and replaced it with “he and his” and see if you can guess who it is?

“He” has elevated himself during these playoffs as the face and future of “urban” baseball. A face that has been slowly disappearing in the game…In “His” case, he has unknowingly become the one player that Torii Hunter and Joe Morgan have been looking to who can bring the game back to the hood in a way no other young black player in the game has been able to do. He has put on display…the look of the game that resonates with those “young’ns” who have decided that basketball and football provide a brighter future…his style, his slight build, his mannerisms, his persona, his presence, his swag.

So hood.

Guesses ???? Kevin Youkilis. Nope. Manny Ramirez. Nope. The player that Scoop Jackson is talking about is B.J. Upton. The new face of urban baseball hit .273 with 9 HR’s 67 RBI’s and 44 stolen bases. Not bad, but not exactly the face you’re looking for. Upton has had a very good postseason with 5 HR’s in leading the Tampa Bay Rays to the ALCS, but he’s not exactly ready to be the face for urban baseball. How about Carl Crawford, Ryan Howard, Josh Hamilton, or even Curtis Granderson. Those four have produced tremendously so far in their young careers, they should be the face, not Upton. With just two series under his belt, it’s a bit premature to crown Upton as the face of urban baseball.


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