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Kobe To Greece ?

Posted by Mike on October 15, 2008

According to SportsbyBrooks, the Greek team Olympiacos is serious about offering Kobe Bryant a 3-year $83 Million Dollar contract that will include many other perks, when his contract Bryant’s contract is up. I’m pretty sure the women of Greece won’t be calling rape on Kobe when he tries to sleep with them. That’s a perk. This should put a major scare into many NBA Teams, it’s almost a certain that in the very near future an NBA star will bolt for Europe. With a lot of money to throw around, and perks such as paying no taxes certainly could lure a NBA stars. More from SportsbyBrooks:

In that contract there will be an incredible list of benefits, a villa in the Mediterranean Sea, pay all the taxes at the expense of the club, to pay the bills for the staff and for a private boat for Kobe Bryant. The article also says that they are planning to form Olympiakos into an NBA style club with a court that fits 15-20 thousand seats and a private jet for the team.


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