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Where The African-American Players At ?

Posted by Mike on October 14, 2008

Seriously, Ken Rosenthal is a f-cking cocksucker. It is the year 2008 and this jackass still thinks that the Red Sox are f-cking racist. I am getting sick of media shit heads bringing this topic up cause it is clearly not true. He even asked Theo Epstein why there are not many African-Americans on the team. The whole MLB has been trying to get more blacks in the league for years, there is 8.2% African Americans in baseball and he is singling out the Red Sox. That percentage equals 2.46 African-Americans per team. He also thinks that free agents will shun Boston during free agency because there are no African-Americans on the team.  Seriously, Ken Rosenthal you deserve a big FU for this slop you call an article. He thinks the Red Sox want to be all white cause they traded Manny, the Red Sox want players to help them win they don’t care what color they are ass-face. Ken Rosenthal is a piece of shit. Why do they continue to press the race card on Boston Sports. Lets look at the AL East, How many African-Americans are on the Blue Jays (Vernon  Wells), Yankees( None),  Baltimore (Adam Jones, Jay Payton, Bynum), Tampa Bay (nearly half the team) the Red Sox ( Coco Crisp).  Its not just the Red Sox, Kenny ass-face its the whole league.  To think that a player will pass up the opportunity to win a World Series cause there are not that many black players on one team is completely ridiculous.  Players want to win and want money, and the Red Sox do it annually. He talks about Barry Bonds not wanting to play here in 04, but when he played against us last year he said he loved playing in Fenway, so screw you Rosenthal.  Screw all of the media idiots who think Boston is racist. More from Ken Rosenthal:

The Red Sox look very white.

The trade of left fielder Manny Ramirez and loss of shortstop Julio Lugo to injury left the Sox with a predominantly Caucasian roster.

Why bring this up now, with the Red Sox in the American League Championship Series? Well, the free-agent market will open in about a month. The makeup of the Red Sox’s roster could be a concern for players they pursue, whether it’s this off-season or in the future.

The Red Sox’s sudden abundance of white players, though, appears nothing more than a coincidence, a fluky snapshot in time.

“Our player-personnel decision making is completely color-blind and always will be,” Sox general manager Theo Epstein says.

I don’t doubt him, but if the Sox’s roster struck me as odd, I can’t help but think that prospective free agents will think it’s odd, too.

If not for the Red Sox’s past, if not for Boston’s reputation, the issue might not be even worth raising.

To some, though, the perception of the city is still negative. In 2004, Barry Bonds said he would not play in Boston because it was “too racist.” In ’07, Angels outfielder Gary Matthews Jr. said Boston was “one of the few places you’ll hear racial comments.”



3 Responses to “Where The African-American Players At ?”

  1. raginrondo said

    What a bag of shit that article is and referencing a barry bonds quote, go fuck yourself Ken.

  2. McChanski said

    I hope he gets gang raped by a pack of silverbacks

  3. DDP said

    If there were no black players on the Celtics then it would be a concern, but complaining about no blacks participating in a sport that doesn’t pique their interest is completely irrational.
    It’s like us complaining about Zippa’s grammar. He despises being gramattically correct so our complaints will always go unheard and he will always sound like a mentally challenged fifth grader. Same with the blacks in baseball even if the sport has been berry berry good to them in the past, they just don’t enjoy playing it anymore, hence why you don’t see them suiting up.

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