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I Hate Jonny Gomes

Posted by Mike on October 14, 2008

Is it just me or is everyone sick and tired of looking at Jonny Gomes steroid-infested, raw-hawk head in the Rays dugout ? As much as I hate that cheap shot artist Carl Crawford, who tried to throw another cheap shot at Jason Varitek last night. Somebody needs to throw up an in on Crawford, first he threw those cheap shots punches at Coco Crisp during the brawl, now he tries to put his forearm in Varitek throat. If the Red Sox weren’t such a bunch of pussies, somebody would hit Crawford. Back to Gomes, who I hope gets either a foul ball off his teeth, or a bat splinters in half and it goes directly into his neck and the Red Sox trainers refuse to administer help to him, and Coco comes out and teabags him in front of 36,000 people.That’s how much I hate that cheerleader Gomes. That’s all he is a cheerleader, he hit .182 this season with 8 HR’s. He hasn’t been the same since baseball started to drug test for steroids. He walks around the dugout like he is the toughest guy in Tampa, and he tries to do the Derek Jeter pump after every big Rays play. If by some miracle that Gomes actually gets into a game, I hope one of the Red Sox puts a ball in his ear. Watch him tonight in the dugout, he’s the one who took too much growth-hormone and all he does is cheer, and feeds Chip Caray all the information he needs. Gomes is the defintion of a douche, and another cheap shot artist who needs a good Schultzing.


One Response to “I Hate Jonny Gomes”

  1. McChanski said

    When McChanski worked for the redsox last year and did dugout security for the rays game, this dbag Gomes was talking trash to vtek, beckett, and lowell the entire game from the dugout. I think his exact words were “Varitek sucks, coach maddon could steal off him.” He said this loudly enough so everyone in the infield could hear. Needless to say, we did nothing, Tits Francona just sat rocking back and forth with a wad of cu….bubblegum in his mouth

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