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Rays Fans. Enough Said

Posted by Mike on October 13, 2008


Some idiot writer for the St Pete Times ( Michael Kruse) wrote an article making fun of Red Sox fans and also making fun of our accents writing fawhtha instead of father.  What a shitbag… Seriously Rays fans are a bunch a bandwagon  ass necks.  There is nothing worse than an adult male to have a mohawk painted blue and swinging a cowbell (Maybe getting bit in the forehead by a beaver, Ragin Rondo knows that to well).  A F**KING COWBELL!!!! Hello, how bad are the fans that you need noisemakers such as a cowbell to be loud in a dome.  Look at those pictures “Welcome to the PIT”  that is a good way to describe The Trop, the worst stadium in the majors, it is an absolute embarassment. Also what is that shit when they hit a home run, that noise “FEEL THE HEAT” where did that come from? What does it mean?  I have never watched a game and been that annoyed before with idiots swinging cowbells for most of the game.  Watch the game today at 4:37 and learn something about how true fans act to support their team.  No noise makers, no stupid sayings (Feel the heat), it’s just 37,000 fans on top of you.  The Rays are gonna “Feel the Heat” in Fenway cause they have never been in atmosphere like that before.  They will have a deer in the headlight look today and Matt Garza will shit his pants on the mound today, when the fans start the GARZA, GARZA, GARZA chant.

PS.  I never thought I could dislike anyone more than McCarver but I do, Chip Carey is the biggest idiot covering any game. 

From St. Petersburg Times:

They can’t help it. Their fawthahs behaved this way. Their fawthahs’ fawthahs behaved this way.

By now this is part of the rhythm of this region. In October, temperatures drop, leaves turn, and the lights come on at Fenway. And now these fans expect to win.

It wasn’t always this way.

For the better part of a century they were brooding and fatalistic. Some said they were cursed. They were losers is what they were. They were such spectacular losers, in fact, that America began to pity these poor people.

They travel the country and take over stadiums that aren’t theirs. That drunk guy who last month at the Trop had to be wrestled into submission by security guards and sheriff’s deputies on the top of the dugout? Red Sox fan. And proud of it.

In suburban Wellesley, Mass., there’s a woman named Lynne Smith who after the ’04 World Series turned her downstairs bathroom into a painted panoramic Fenway replica. On the back of the door is a huge life-size painting of David Ortiz.

“While you’re using the potty,” Smith said, “David’s watching you.”



One Response to “Rays Fans. Enough Said”

  1. Gordon said

    You have to realize that the red sox and yankees are the same team. People try to act like boston is a great place. No one leaves…you want to talk about some red neck assholes.

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