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It Was An Act!

Posted by Mike on October 13, 2008

Much like in 2003 when Manny Ramirez made a feeble attempt to charge the mound on Roger Clemens, Ramirez tried to go after a few Phillies last night after Hiroki Kuroda and Shane Victorino exchanged words. However, as most Phillies thought, namely Chad Durbin, the Dodgers outfielder was doing it all for show. Ramirez knew there was no way anything could or would happen, and many Dodger teammates were between him and the Phillies, so Ramirez acted like he wanted to get at a few Phillies, when he knew that he’d be held back by his teammates. Much like I do when I’m in an altercation, once people are between us, I go all Mike Tyson asking for people to let him/she (Yes, I’ll fight a broad anyday) go cause I’m gonna kick their ass, when in reality I’ll run for the hills if the person is let go. So Manny over-reacted so it would make him look good, when most everyone else who was watching knew it was an act, and he wanted nothing to do with fighting any of the Phillies. The NY Times caught up with Chad Durbin and he had some words to say about Manny:

“He knows the cameras are on him,” reliever Chad Durbin said of Ramirez, and that sure seemed to be part of it. Ramirez is a free agent to be, and he is doing everything possible to present himself as a great teammate and clubhouse presence.


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