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I Don’t Think He Took An English Class At Cal

Posted by Mike on October 13, 2008

In the new era of blogging, we are seeing more and more athletes joining the list of fellow bloggers. It’s a way for them to show how they feel, and to state their opinion without the press spinning around their words and using it against them. The newest blogger happens to be Marshawn Lynch of the Buffalo Bills. The Buffalo Bills running back writes in a rather creative way, that no media member would, or any English teacher would approve of. Lynch writes on, and let’s just say spelling and proper sentences are not his strong suit:

whats good yb i no u aint heard from ya boi n a min but im still alive just been chillin tryin get rite for da season….if u dont no we 4-0 rite now and tryin to get 5-0…i need all da buffalo fans to keep it lit for us while we doin our thang and the non buffalo fans to jump on da ban wagon and ride dat thang FASTER…to all da beast mode (Marshawn Lynch) fans to keep dat thang lit too and check ma web page out at….until next time hold ya chin up…..nuh nuh nuh gone


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