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Evan Longoria Is Anti-Dominican

Posted by Mike on October 13, 2008

Tampa Bay Rays rookie third baseman Evan Longoria seems to be on the same page with George Bush’s policy about illegal aliens. When talking about Rays first basemen and pride of Northeastern University, Carlos Pena, Longoria had some less than encouraging comments about Dominicans. Luckily for Longoria that Pedro Martinez is on the Mets, or else he drill him in the damn ass; from Shyster Ball:

Q: Who on this team should not have gotten a Mohawk, no matter how much a team guy he wanted to be?

EL: Well, he still doesn’t have one. Carlos [Pena]. And I told him not to. He asked me multiple times if he should get one. I just don’t think he’ll look good with it. He’s the clean-cut Latin guy on our team. I guess it’s debatable if he’s Latin or not. He is Dominican. I told him not to.

Q: Has he been in the United States “too long” to be considered Latino anymore?

EL: I don’t even look at him as Dominican, and that’s nothing against Dominicans, but he’s been in the States for so long — he went to high school and college here — in the States. He’s very well educated and it’s tough for me to look at him and think he came from the Dominican.


One Response to “Evan Longoria Is Anti-Dominican”

  1. McChanski said

    I thought I was the pride of The U

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