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NFL Picks

Posted by Mike on October 12, 2008

Baltimore(+4.5) at Colts


I like the Ravens here.  The Ravens have been playing good football with a good running game with McGahee and McClain and always a top defense.  The Colts do not look like the Colts they have been lucky to win the 2 games they did.  They were down 15 points and came back against a Vikings team who couldn’t score a TD but settled for 5 field goals.  Last week Sage Rosenfels blew a 17 point 4th quarter lead, Sage Rosenfels thought he was superman and dove instead of sliding.  Absolute idiot.   Anyway no Sanders, a beat up offensive line does not look good going up against a smash mouth offense and tough defense.

I like the Ravens (+4.5)


Eagles (-4) at 49ers


I like the Eagles here.  The 49ers are not a good football team and there defense has been having troubles with the run and pass.  The Eagles are without Westbrook but that should not be  a problem today.  The 49ers do not defend the deep ball well and that is what the Eagles will do often today.  They will throw down the field with Desean Jackson having a big day.  Also the Eagles defense will shut down the 49ers offense.  Jim Johnson is gonna blitz the day lights out of JT O’Sullivan today.  The 49ers lead the league in sacks allowed this year and O’Sullivan has 9 turnovers (6 ints, 3 fumbles), I see a big turnover and sack day for the Eagles defense today. 

I like the Eagles (-4)


Jon Anthony


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