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Posted by Mike on October 11, 2008

Red River Shoot Out

Texas vs. Oklahoma (-6.5)


I like Oklahoma.   Oklahoma is bigger and faster than TexasOklahoma has knocked the opposing quarterback for at least one series in each of there games this year.  That does not bode well for the often injured Colt McCoy.  Also Oklahoma is more balanced than Texas offensively. Texas has no run game, their leading rusher is Colt McCoy the quarterback.  That is not good considering that Texas does not run the option.  That means his receivers are not getting open for him, and Texas has not played anybody good this year.  Ya they are 5th in the country but I’mnot sold on them yet, no running game with a running back is gonna hurt them today.

I like Oklahom (-6.5)


Penn St.(-5) at Wisconsin

I like Penn St.  Wisconsin is not that great of a team  and lacks team speed to keep up with “High Def” offense that Penn St has.  There is too much speed and too many athletes on Penn St. for Wisconsin to shut down.  Plus Wisconsin loads up with cupcakes to begin the season every year and when they play a good team they lose, just like last week against Ohio St.   It’s gonna be 3 straight Big Ten loses for the Badgers this week and the second loss at home.

I like Penn St. (-5)

Jon Anthony


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