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So Did He Or Didn’t He ?

Posted by Mike on October 10, 2008

Two Minnesota talk show hosts are in some hot water today, after claiming that Magic Johnson never had Aids. Chris Baker and Langdon Perry, aren’t the first two who have thought about this theory. People have thought that Magic Johnson was used as a symbol to make the country and the world aware how prevalent that Aids has become, and a cure is needed. There is some merit to the theory because, well, Magic no longer has Aids. Here is the dialogue between Baker and Perry which is sure to make news everywhere:

PERRY: What about diseases that are eminently treatable and you can live with for a long, long time quite healthily if you just get some basic drugs?
BAKER: Like Magic Johnson.
PERRY: Like Magic with his faked AIDS. Magic faked AIDS.
BAKER: You think Magic faked AIDS for sympathy?
PERRY: I’m convinced that Magic faked AIDS.
BAKER: Yeah, me too.
PERRY: It falls apart —
BAKER: Which is horrible.
PERRY: — when you get into motivation. I’m not sure why, but I’m pretty sure he faked AIDS.
BAKER: I’ve got a great email here from —
PERRY: ‘Cause he’s the only cured AIDS guy ever


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