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Pacman In Trouble Again

Posted by Mike on October 9, 2008

Pacman is at it again getting in himself into trouble, granted it is not a huge incident but it is Pacman breaking the rules again.  He supposedly attacked his bodyguard that the Cowboys pay for last night.  He was apparently under the influence and followed the bodyguard into the bathroom and attacked him.  He either attacked him or tried to give him a blumpkin who knows.  Goodell has not said anything on a suspension because he wants to get all the facts first.  Also this was not the first altercation with a bodyguard either.  If he does get suspended for more than a game the Cowboys are in trouble, Terrance Newman is out for 6 weeks with a sports hernia and Pacman is there best cover corner.  There have been no charges filed.



One Response to “Pacman In Trouble Again”

  1. jeff said

    This guy is bad news and I have been a cowboys fan for 20 years. clean house trade pman trade T.O. and all the rest.

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