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ESPN Is Silly

Posted by Mike on October 8, 2008

Thanks to Deadspin

What is ESPN doing, how can they put that shit up Eli is greater than Peyton no way is that true.  They both won Super bowls ok, that is the only thing you can compare the two with.  Peyton is clearly the better QB the numbers speak for themselves. You ask 10 people who is greater than who?  10 people will say Peyton.  I am not a fan of either but if you know football Peyton is clearly better or greater.

If you are from Chile or a Pats fan this a great pic, courtesy of ESPN the Mag:

What a conundrum on one column they have who is greater, then in another they hate Peyton and think Eli sucks.   Make up your mind ESPN are they great or do they Suck?



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