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Devil Rays Press Talking Trash

Posted by Mike on October 8, 2008


Look at this dump (Gary Shelton) he writes for the St. Pete and had some choice words for the Red Sox.  Its ok to talk trash if you play the game not if you write about.  The last time he did anything active was probably at a competitive eating contest.  Here is what he said about your Boston Red Sox:

“So bring on the annoying Coco Crisp. Bring on the dangerous David Ortiz. Bring on the mouthy Jonathan Papelbon and Kevin Youkilis, the escapee from the biker bar. Bring on the entire cast of Bond villains that is the Red Sox. ”

He is calling the Red Sox Bond Villains, and Youkilis a biker bar escapee, what?  Talking trash about a model franchise is ridiculous.  You don’t see Maz writing about Roid Rage Gomes or anyone else. It only took the Rays 8 years and years of top draft picks to finally have a winning season.  Hey moron win for more than one season before you talk shit.  He later said in his article to bring a snorkel.  Lets Go RED SOX!!!!



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