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Red Sox Win

Posted by Mike on October 7, 2008

How about them Red Sox, another walk off win against the Angels Bay hits a ground rule double, then Kotsay gets robbed by Teixiera, and the rookie Jed Lowrie finished  the game off with a walk off single.  I honestly thought when Tito took Lester out after the 7th we were gonna lose.  The Angels could not do anything against him last night.  In the 2 games he pitched 14 innings no runs 2 walks 12 k, that is nasty.  Tito said later on that he thought Lester checked out after the 7th mentally and they did not want to put him back out, they wanted but to he shut it down per Francona.   Anyway another postseason series against the Angels and another series win for the SoxRed Sox go to Tampa on Friday and Saturday hope fully it all works out and the Sox are in the World Series again.

PS. I looked for Heidi picks couldn’t find any Varitek must of told the boys to lay off his chick with the champagne or something

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