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Tribute To The Chicago Cubs

Posted by Mike on October 6, 2008

Some language is NSFW

2 Responses to “Tribute To The Chicago Cubs”

  1. Working Class Hero said

    I couldn’t have said it better myself the cubs blow and so don’t there fans I hope they dont win for another 100 years.There shit bag coach gets his contract extended and then they get swept thats fucking great Charlie Manuel just got re-upped as well so look for a dodger sweep in the immortal words of Ravishing Rick Rude Charlie Manuel is a back wooded sweat hog and there is no way in hell he will out manage the great Joe Torre so I regretfully say dodgers not only win but will sweep.Screw Philly and that nose picking dead beat queer Manny Ramirez.

  2. Wang Chung said

    you are a fucking idiot, that made no sense what are you saying WCH?

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