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Should Lowell Still Play?

Posted by Mike on October 6, 2008

I think not… There comes a point in time when you ask yourself am I really helping the team or hurting the team?  The answer is he is hurting the team, ya i know he was the world series MVP last year… His presence makes the lineup deeper, and he played great defense… That was all last year when he was healthy, he can not do anything productive with that hip injury.  He can not swing a productive bat and if he does get on base he can not run.  Also he has lost range at third as well.  His numbers in 2 games 0-8, 3 k’s, 1 walk and 3 lob.  You can say what about Pedroia he has not got a hit either, but he is not hurt and he still has his range and can run.  Honestly our best lineup is to have Kotsay at first Youk at third and Lowrie playing short.  This is a short series and we can not have a gimp Mike Lowell playing. I would be shocked if he was in the lineup tonight after that long game.  Hopefully Lester stays true to form and Lackey returns to pitching like shit at FenwayGo Sox!!!!



One Response to “Should Lowell Still Play?”

  1. McChanski said

    Lowell has proved he has heart, great, now get him the fuck out of there. If he feels well moving forward he can pinch hit in late inning situations.

    Zippa is starting to use periods and commas, watch out!

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