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Posted by Mike on October 5, 2008

Chargers (-6.5) at Miami


I like the Chargers in this one.  Rivers is throwing the ball to all receivers and LT has scored 4 tds in the last 2 games.  I see more of the same from the Chargers this week.  Miami had a big win against the Patriots 2 weeks ago but i do not see this one being close.  The Chargers will put up points against the Dolphin defense.  Also Chris Chambers going back to face his old team he  would like to put up big numbers and most likely will.

I like the Chargers (-6.5)



Redskins(+6.5) at Eagles

I like the Redskins today.  They have only 1 turnover all season and that was on special teams.  Jason Campbell has been consistent and efficient with the offense.  Santana Moss has been the playmaker the Redskins wanted him to be when they traded for him from the Jets.  They are running the ball well and are playing good defense.  Also the Eagles offense looks terrible without Westbrook and he is not 100% today with a bad ankle.  The Eagles have a great defense but Kyle Orton had big plays against it last week.  I am not saying the Eagles won’t win but it will be a close one.

I like the Redskins (+6.5) by the half

Jon Anthony


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