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Yankees Payroll To Be Cut

Posted by Mike on October 3, 2008

Per Buster Olney:

Heard this: The Yankees’ payroll in 2009 likely will fall in the range of $180 million, a significant cut — which won’t be hard for the team to accomplish, because some $75 million in veterans are coming off the books.

Per Ken Rosenthal:

Trading second baseman Robinson Cano certainly is an option for the Yankees; virtually every club with a need at the position has expressed interest.

Cano, however, finished strong after adjusting his stance and setup in mid-September, and some with the Yankees believe that he will be more at ease in 2009, saying he tried too hard this season to justify his new four-year, $30 million contract

The Yankees will more than likely not make a push for Manny Ramirez, they want to get a bit younger an adding the 36-year-old doesn’t seem to be in their plans, even though his still has one of the best bats in baseball. More likely the Yanks will make a hard push for free agent to be Mark Teixeira of the Angels, he’s young and has the power their looking for. Plus he is young, and they have a hole at first base. They probably won’t be in the bidding for CC Sabathia either, he prefers the west coast and some say the National League so he can hit. Also, his salary will likely exceed $20 Million a season. Look for the Yankees to go after A.J. Burnett along with the Red Sox. Also, there has been talk of the Bombers signing the O-Dawg, Orlando Hudson, and moving Robinson Cano to Los Angeles for possibly Matt Kemp. Either way, after not making the postseason this will certainly  be an exciting off-season for the Yankees. Entering the new stadium next year, they will certainly want to add some more star power to that lineup. They have to justify those new ticket prices.


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