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SI Jinxed The Cubbies

Posted by Mike on October 3, 2008

It’s gonna happen, the only thing thats gonna happen is the Cubbies are not gonna make it out of the NLDS.  These last two games they played probably was the worst they played all season.  The 4 errors last night  by each member of the infield hasn’t happened since 1934 with the Detroit Tigers.  That is terrible there is no way you can win playing like that.  The Cubbies had the best record in the NL, and are on the verge of getting swept.  You can not blame the billie goat curse, the black cat, Bartman or Sweet Lou taking a pitcher out too early.  This year Sports Illustrated is to blame, take a look at that cover “It’s gonna happen”.  Just like when Dr. Z picks his Super Bowl winner that team shits the bed.  SI is a jinx and the North Siders should cancel any subscription they have with them.  Cubs fans are among the most superstitious fans, the Cubs even had a priest  bless the dugout and exercise the demons with prayer and holy water before game 1.  Anyway poor Cubbies they can’t catch a break.  If they are not gonna blame the team for poor pitching and terrible defense than they can always blame SI for this year, and Cubbies there is always next year.




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