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Ed Werder, ESPN…Gets Into Yelling Match With Cowboys Writer

Posted by Mike on October 3, 2008

From our friends at Pro Football Talk:

There was a verbal rumble of sorts at Valley Ranch on Thursday.  Though it wasn’t quite as compelling as Herrera-Kawakami I, things got heated between ESPN’s Ed Werder and Nick Eatman of

As we understand it, the problem arose from Terrell Owens’ post-game comments from the team’s Week Four loss to the Redskins.  Eatman wrote an item for the Cowboys’ official web site knocking ESPN and other national media outlets for making a big deal out of T.O.’s desire to get his hands on the ball.

In the column, Eatman suggested that the question prompting the T.O. sound bite that then prompted a Monday Night Countdown free-for-all on Owens was aimed at baiting him into saying something controversial.

As we understand it, Eatman didn’t realize that Werder had asked the question.

On Thursday, Werder told Eatman that Werder had asked the question, um, in question.

Per a source with knowledge of the exchange, they debated whether the question was aimed at getting a response from Owens that then could be used as proof of a problem in Dallas.  As they talked, things started to get a little heated.  Eventually, Werder walked away.  While doing so, he made a comment regarding Eatman’s overall credibility, given that he writes for a team-owned publication.

Eatman responded by suggesting that ESPN specifically tries to get its reporters to stir things up.  And there might have been an “F” bomb or two added to the message.

Werder returned, and the two continued to jaw for a bit.  Though it never got physical, others eventually stepped in to ensure that it didn’t.


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