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T.J. Simers Calls Out Gerry Callahan

Posted by Mike on October 2, 2008

Is there anything better than columnist on columnist crime ? The man who has been writing all the Manny Ramirez puff pieces in Los Angeles, T.J. Simers got word yesterday that Gerry Callahan of WEEI and the Boston Herald has been criticizing him and calling him T.J. Simers-Boras. Due to the fact that Scott Boras is Manny’s agent, and Callahan believes that Simers is helping Boras out by making Manny look good, so that he will receive a big contract this offseason. Well, Simers didn’t take too kindly to the accusations, in his column today, he came out swinging at Callahan:

GOT WORD a sports columnist from Boston didn’t like reading what Ramirez had to say Sunday on Page 2. So I checked the Boston Globe, found nothing — only to learn it was some guy from a shopper ripping Ramirez, and Page 2 as well.

Gerry Callahan, writing in something called the Boston Herald, initially referred to me as T.J. Simers-Boras, linking me to agent Scott Boras, who will probably sue now.

Callahan wrote that Ramirez had “revealed at last his problems with Boston” to the “strangely sycophantic Simers.”

Jeff Kent has called me a lot of names, but with words I understand. I had to call the daughter who went to Notre Dame to find out the meaning of sycophantic. I presume she called a friend who went to USC.

From what I gather, I’m a “yes man, flunky, fawner and flatterer,” as I’m sure so many athletes in L.A. would also tell you.

The guy who writes for the shopper was really peeved and upset with what Ramirez had to say, oddly enough proving Ramirez’s point that the folks who write in Boston really need to get a life.


One Response to “T.J. Simers Calls Out Gerry Callahan”

  1. FireDannyAinge said

    If the LA papers are going to lie and make Manny out to be a saint then Gerry Callahan has EVERY right to call them out on it.

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