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Sharon Stone Is Quite The Mom

Posted by Mike on October 2, 2008

Doesn’t this lady look like she must be one hell of a mother ? After her role as Ginger in Casino, how could you not think that Sharon Stone would translate that into being an excellent mom in real life ? Well, the former Basic Instinct star is going through a bitter divorce, and it all revolves around who will get custody of their 8-year old son. In this custody battle, there has been some shocking details that have came out of what Stone wanted her son to do. According to Entertainment Tonight, the former movie star wanted her son to get Botox injections, due to his smelly feet. That makes sense:

As an example, the court wrote that Sharon believed that her son suffered from a spinal illness when there was “no evidence to support this allegation.” The court also noted that Sharon wanted to get Botox injections for her son to deal with foot odor, while his father suggested wearing socks with shoes and using foot deodorant.


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