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More On The Travis Henry Situation

Posted by Mike on October 2, 2008

More details have emeraged on the Travis Henry situation. Yesterday, it was learned that Henry was arrested along with another man for trafficking multiple kilograms of cocaine. I guess the millions he made in the NFL didn’t satisfy him. Although, having nine kids with nine different women can be expensive. He did sign a five-year $22.5 Millions dollar contract with the Broncos, but due his inability to keep clean he was cut. Now, he is in jail, and even more shocking allegations have come out since the arrest. Via Deadspin:

According to CS-1 (cooperating suspect-1), Henry was the money guy and was owed the $40,000 in the robbery of customer 3. As a result, Henry was threatening CS-1 and his family, demanding that CS-1 repay the $40,000 lost by customer 3. According to CS-1, Henry said CS-1, CS-1’s family, customer 3 and customer 3’s family were all “dead” if they did not come up with the money.

In order to avoid being killed by Henry, Mack and CS-1 came up with a plan to rip off Customer 1 by supplying him with one kilogram of real cocaine and two kilograms of “fake” cocaine (drywall).  The $40,000 made from the sale of the two sham kilograms would be used to pay off the $40,000 debt owed to Henry and Mack.


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