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John Lackey Calls Out Angels Bats

Posted by Mike on October 2, 2008

Angels ace, John Lackey pitched 6.2 innings of fantastic baseball, but made one mistake that cost his team the game. Lackey gave up a two-run home run to Manny Ramirez replacement Jason Bay in the sixth inning that all but sealed the Red Sox victory, as Jon Lester coasted through seven innings striking out seven. If it weren’t for a Jed Lowrie error in the third inning the Angels would have been shutout. Which certainly hasn’t made Lackey happy. The only team in baseball with over 100 wins struggled against the Red Sox ace, as Lackey pitched just as equal a game as Lester. The Angels inability to hit Lester certainly has annoyed Lackey a bit, as he called out his teammates, according to the LA Times:

“We’ve got to find a way to score some runs,” Lackey said. “It’s pretty frustrating when one pitch can lose the game for you.”


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