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Chad Ocho Cinco Announces He Will Kiss The Star

Posted by Mike on October 2, 2008

In a press conference yesterday, # 85 announced he would kiss the midfield star in Dallas after scoring a touchdown, saying:
“I’ve got so much respect for y’all, if I score Sunday, I’ve love Dallas so much, I’m going to take my helmet off, get a fine and kiss the star.”
This might be hard for him to do, considering the fact he only has 11 receptions for 116 yards and 1 touchdown. It also doesn’t help that the Cowboys are only allowing 211 passing yards per game and that Carson Palmer has only thrown 1 touchdown pass all year.
Although catching a touchdown pass might be the least of his worries, considering he changed his name to “Ocho Cinco“, when in Spanish, the number 85, is pronounced “Ochenta Cinco“.
From our newest addition

2 Responses to “Chad Ocho Cinco Announces He Will Kiss The Star”

  1. Wang Chung said

    Peter Peter Pumpkin eater turn the key and watch him pee

  2. Working Class Hero said

    BOOOOOOO BOOOOOO BOOOOOOO Thats the first reaction i had to this blog was to booooooo I guess any donkey can blog these days everbody knows ocho cinco clearly means eight five thats how the brotha’s talk G they say hey eight five not eighty five so yeah your corrrect in your spanish translation but wrong in how its translated in the sports world so in closing id just like to say ive read many blogs and this one is suspect very suspect if your looking for some talent to write on this site the Working Class Hero is willing and able PEACE

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