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Travis Henry Is In Some Trouble

Posted by Mike on October 1, 2008

If being the father of nine children, with nine different women wasn’t a big enough problem, Travis Henry just got caught in Rocky Mountain Division of the Drug Enforcement Administration for multi-kilogram cocaine transaction, according to the Rocky Mountain News. This is different from the Jamal Lewis situation were he went to jail for four months for trying to setup a cocaine deal. This all but ends the seven-career of the former Bills, Titans, and Broncos running back who was suspended for the whole 2008 season for multiple drug violations. More from the Rocky Mountain News:

Former Denver Bronco running back Travis Henry has been arrested for trafficking multiple kilograms of cocaine, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration announced today.

Henry and another man, James Mack, were arrested Tuesday after “as a result of a multi-kilogram cocaine transaction” in Centennial, Jeffrey D. Sweetin, Special Agent in Charge of the DEA’s Rocky Mountain Division, said in a statement.

When Henry skipped one last practice, a frustrated Shanahan announced his release without calling the AWOL running back.

“I haven’t told him, I just released him. I haven’t talked to him,” Shanahan said at the time. “We did not feel his commitment to the Broncos was enough to warrant a spot on this football team.”

Henry’s NFL future was further clouded when league officials confirmed in July that the free agent player faced a one-year suspension for a new violation of the NFL substance-abuse policy in the weeks before the Broncos cut him.

UPDATE: From Pro Football Talk:

Most surprisingly, Henry allegedly told one of his customers that he and his family would all be “dead” if the customer didn’t produce $40,000 worth of cocaine that had been lost when the customer’s house was robbed.

The Post also reports that Henry’s arrest occurred as part of a delivery of six kilograms of cocaine from an unnamed informant.  The informant had been arrested last month while transporting three kilograms of cocaine and six pounds of marijuana.

He reportedly served as the “money man” in the ongoing drug operation.  And part of that money undoubtedly came from his NFL career, which successfully continued last season after attorney Harvey Steinberg beat back a one-year suspension of Henry for violating the substance-abuse policy.


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