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T.O. Calls Keyshawn “Sheshawn”

Posted by Mike on October 1, 2008

So much for Tony Romo being the one who was going to hear it from Terrell Owens after the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Washington Redskins on Sunday. Owens was upset with the Cowboys not getting him the ball enough (only 20 of the 58 plays went in the area of Owens), and many thought that he was set to go Jeff Garcia/Donovan McNabb on Jessica Simpson’s boytoy. That was not the case so far T.O., who took it out on former Dallas Cowboy and current ESPN analyst Keyshawn Johnson. The former #1 pick has always been one of the biggest critics of T.O., many people believe this is due to Johnson’s close relationship with former Cowboys coach Bill Parcells, who never got along with Owens. Yesterday, on his radio show, Owens went on the attack against Johnson, and said that he’s ok with Romo; from Yahoo! Sports:

Then, Owens turned his attention to Johnson, who he referred to as “Sheshawn” on three separate occasions.

“(As the No. 1 overall pick in the 1996 draft) he is the ultimate underachiever on that panel. I am the reason he is in the booth,” Owens said. “Everybody is aware when I was brought to Dallas, he was the one they let go to get me here.”


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