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She’s Back!

Posted by Mike on October 1, 2008

Gentlemen, set your DVR’s, because apparently according to the Boston Herald, Julie Donaldson is set to return to Channel 7 today. The hottest babe in the history of covering Boston sports, is set to return after being out for three month due to an incident with I hope her ex-boyfriend, Ivan Latimore. The incident occurred after Latimore assaulted Donaldson after a day of drinking. Also, Latimore claimed that he and Donaldson made a sextape as well. A return of this magnitude is almost incomparable, the only person’s whose return was almost as highly anticipated may have been when Larry Bird returned to the Celtics in 1989, after missing most of the 1988 season with a bad back. Or the return of Tom Brady in 2009. More from Boston Herald:

Channel 7 sports reporter Julie Donaldson plans to return to the air tomorrow three months after she was brutally beaten by then-boyfriend Ivan Latimore and put on paid leave.

Donaldson, 30, avoided a potentially embarrassing trial after Latimore cut a last-minute deal with prosecutors Friday when the case was scheduled to go to

Thanks to Rondo


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