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Posted by Mike on October 1, 2008

The Boston Globe had to issue an apology yesterday, because in Sunday’s Globe on page C6 they showed a photo of New England Patriots rookie Quarterback Kevin O’Connell that was a bit too risky for Globe readers, but not risky enough for you perv’s out there. In the photo, O’Connell had a sticker over his left wristband, over his play-call wristband that read “My dick is tiny too!”. Any guesses what else is small ? I’m going with hands here because I’m sure you’ve heard that theory before. The picture of O’Connell and the wristband is nowhere to be found, but I’m sure if you still have the Sunday Globe you’ll be able to see it. More from the Boston Globe:

Editor’s note: A photo on Page C6 in Sunday’s Sports section showed Patriots rookie quarterback Kevin O’Connell wearing a wristband with inappropriate language written on it. The photo did not meet the Globe’s journalistic standards and should not have been published.


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