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It’s Hard Not To Like Jason Giambi

Posted by Mike on October 1, 2008

I know around these parts were suppose to hate everything New York Yankees. But, there not exactly those Yankees of 1978 that everyone hates. The one Yankee that is really hard to dislike is Jason Giambi. And let’s be honest this guy isn’t a true Yankee. He just went there for the mega $120 Million dollar deal the Yanks gave him after his MVP season in Oakland. He’s suppose to be one nicest guys in baseball, there have been pictures of him chugging a Jack Daniels bottle while partying in Las Vegas. Heck, the guy wears a gold thong and had a porn star stache, how could you not like him ? Then today, a story came from LoHud Yankees blog, about Giambi treating rookies, security, and even the bus driver to dinner and drinks:

Heard a great story today. After the rookies dressed up in their Village People outfits on Saturday and went back to the hotel, Jason Giambi invited them all to the hotel bar. After a few drinks, he paid for a bus to take all the rookies, a few other players, some staff members, assorted friends and a security guard to the Capital Grille for dinner. The Big G hosted a dinner for about 25 people, including the bus driver who he insisted join the group. He paid for the whole thing and dropped a huge tip on the wait staff.


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