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Your 2008 Washington Wizards Motto

Posted by Mike on September 30, 2008

These wristbands put together by Washington Wizards DeShawn Stevenson is his hopeful idea for the the Wizards 2008-09 season motto. According to DC Sports Blog, Stevenson got this very poetic phrase from Lil Wayne’s song Misunderstood. What exactly does this mean ? Not even teammate Brendan Haywood was sure when he told DC Sports Blog “What the hell does that mean ?” I’m not sure even Lil Wayne knows what it means. Maybe your World Champion Boston Celtics can make wristbands coming saying “Yo the P rock forty inch cables, drinkin white label My chain hang down to my dick” from Mobb Deep’s, Quiet Storm. Just an idea. More from DC Sports Blog:

DeShawn said he put about $1,000 into these wristbands, which come in a rainbow worth of colors and include something like 10 different sayings, which DeShawn claimed he thought up himself.

“I’ve got crazy thinking,” he said, which is a pretty succinct way to summarize the man.

DeShawn’s also been memorizing a paragraph of Spanish text, which he plans to recite to the crowd in Barcelona. He wouldn’t summarize the text, though.

“You’ll see,” he said. “You’ll hear about it. It’s gonna be hot.”

(No German, though, despite the trip to Berlin. I asked why Spanish. “It’s easier, ain’t it?” he said.)


2 Responses to “Your 2008 Washington Wizards Motto”

  1. raginrondo said

    “i’ve got crazy thinking” more like I smoke too much cheeba tree that this sounds like a good idea…!

  2. Travis Outlaw said

    Gilbert Arenas 08-09 MVP

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