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Who Does She Think She Is ?

Posted by Mike on September 30, 2008

New to the blogging sphere, Lisa Guerrero, who somehow has a blog with the LA Times, after she has been fired from Monday Night Football, Best Damn Sports Show, and married that douche Scott Erickson. Where can I get a gig like this ? What’s the big deal right ? Who cares if some broad writes a blog in La-La land that no one will ever read. Well, the bitter Guerrero pens a recent blog entry about New England fans, after they left the Patriots/Dolphins debacle early in the 4th quarter:

With 14 minutes to go in the fourth quarter of a beatdown at the hands of Miami, the camera flashes to a shot of a mass exodus of Pats fans clogging the aisles at Gillette Stadium in a hurry to get home.

Or to a bar.

And they give L.A. fans a hard time for not staying to the bitter end. And it occurred to me, “Isn’t this THE BEST SPORTS CITYaccording to the Sporting News and CBS Aren’t these the most loyal fans in America?

Let me get this straight: Boston fans suffered through 80 years of Red Sox disappointment

but can’t sit through the first Patriots loss in 21 regular season games?

I, of all people, should not be surprised. From 1992 to 1994, I was the director of entertainment for the Patriots. Believe me, those bleak years were anything but entertaining.

Back then, they played at Foxboro Stadium, best known for having the worst field conditions in professional football, in front of maybe 20,000 fans, best known for urinating off the upper terrace and assaulting women in the dirt parking lot. Really!

In other words, this was a drunken, dirty, obnoxious crowd. I don’t mean that in a good way.

Those fans were an embarrassment. The team stunk — 6-10 in 1991 and 2-14 in 1992 — and there wasn’t a lot to cheer about. Remember Dick MacPherson? Exactly.

Who does this dinghy broad think she is ? Just because she was here for two years during the worst period of the New England Patriots doesn’t make her an expert. The reason Guerrero had a job with the Patriots is because she used to suck off Hugh Millen. Yes, she helped create the Patriots cheerleaders, but what else has she done that suddenly makes her an expert on the fans in New England ? In her blog entry, she tries to make it seem like LA fans get a bad name, and the best fans in America (Boston) are over-rated. Has she been to a Dodgers game ? Or even saw the amount of fans at the Staples Center with 7 minutes to go in the first quarter at Game 3 of the NBA Finals ? I’m not sure if you know this Lisa, but when your team is getting blown out, fans typically leave the game a bit early. Why watch the disaster continue ? It’s like how when ABC used to go to you with your sideline report during MNF, and everyone in America would flip the channel, because they knew you had nothing to offer us. Lisa, stick to sucking off professional athletes and getting fired from jobs, cause it’s apparently the only thing you’re good at.

More on Guerrero from the Inside Track:

After all, she sued the Pats – and the Kraft family – after she was told to pack up her pom poms and hit the road back in 1994.

Lisa claimed she was discriminated against because she is Hispanic. Which came as quite a surprise to pretty much everyone, as she was then known as Lisa Coles, and no one knew she was half-Latina!

The suit also claimed that Jonathan Kraft made a “racist” request that she play less rap, hip-hop and disco music and more rock ’n’ roll at Patriots games. And that his dad, Robert, suggested that the cheerleaders wear skimpier outfits.


One Response to “Who Does She Think She Is ?”

  1. Tommy2Pair said

    what a piece of shit, it seems the only material people write about is shiting on Boston and the fans to get some readers. stupid assneck

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