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Which Style is More Acceptable ?

Posted by Mike on September 30, 2008

In the pictures above, we have two celebrities, my man Don Johnson, and model Kate Moss, and apparently being with either of the two requires that you must also dress like them as well. In Don’s case we have a bit more subtle approach to dressing alike, but in the case of Moss, it just screams “he’s my bitch”. I don’t care if you’re dating Megan Fox, you never, ever dress like your companion.  Although at times I will occasionally dress up as a submissive furrie. But seriously, which one is more acceptable ? Kate Moss is a model, and anytime you sleep with a model no matter how ugly she is, you can always say you banged a model. But plaid ? I haven’t worn that since 7th grade. I have to go with Miami Vice legend Don Johnson in his wilderness attire. It would be subtle enough for me to wear with a lady of my liking.

But I’d still rather be like Billy Idol in these very NSFW photos.

And how could I not link this video of my man Don Johnson ?


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