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Plaxico Burress Is To Being A Good Teammate As Lehman Brothers Is To Banking

Posted by Mike on September 30, 2008

Just last week, it was learned that New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress would be suspended for two weeks; missing a total of one game. It was because Burress did not showup to Giants that Monday after they beat the Cincinnati Bengals, and he did not call nor answer the Giants calls. It was later found out that Burress may have had a few altercations at his home, as the reason he did not show. Jay Glazer of Fox Sports now reports that Burress as a member of the Giants has been fined 40 to 50 times and he has only played 50 games as a member of the team. Reasons for his fines have been due to missing treatment, meetings, showing up late, anal sex with teammates (not really just wanted to see if you were paying attention). Incredibly. he may have been fined already ten times this year. What a teammate! It doesn’t look like winning the Super Bowl has gone to the head of Burress, does it ? I always thought that Burress was a Patriots type of player, and after these latest allegations about the wide receiver, it just cements that theory. More from Fox Sports:

FOX Sports has learned that during his tenure with the Giants, Burress has been fined by the team between 40 and 50 times, a stunning number considering he’s played just 50 games with the Big Blue.

“He’s been fined for missing treatment, meetings, showing up late … there’s probably been 10 times this year alone,” said one source.

According to several team sources, Burress has not seemed overly affected by being hit in the wallet this often. What did affect him, however, was the Giants preventing Burress from playing in the next game.

“That really bothered him,” said another source who requested anonymity. “He doesn’t care about the fines but if you don’t let him play … that’s all he cares about. He just wants to play football. He pretty much put Jerry Reese and Coach in a bad spot on this one. It had to stop and just fining him again wasn’t going to do it.”

Burress contends that he missed Monday but Tuesday was an off day and thus, how could he be fined for missing two days of work when one was an off day? However, he did not contest the unexcused Monday.  

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