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Manny Ramirez Disliked Boston From Day One

Posted by Mike on September 29, 2008

In his ever-ending try to paint Boston as a bad place to play, and make it look like they were at fault not him, Manny Ramirez tells the LA Times that from day one he wasn’t a fan of playing in Boston. Not only did #99 dislike Boston from day one, but he tells LA Times columnist TJ Simers that “If your happiness depends on Boston winning or losing, you have to get a life.” Since his arrival in Los Angeles, Ramirez has been charming and always available to speak with the LA media. He’s been like two different people since he left Boston, and the LA media is completely falling for it. The way in which Ramirez left Boston was a disgusting way for a player to end a terrific career in which he won two World Series. But Ramirez didn’t career. He wanted to strike it rich one more time in free agency, and with the Red Sox holding the option over his head, Ramirez did whatever he had to do to get his way. And to remedy what he has done, Manny has been on his best behavior in Los Angeles, and he has also catapulted that team into the playoffs while hitting .396, with 17 HR’s and 53 RBI’s, all in 53 games. He will now more than likely receive the 4-year contract he was looking for, but he will get his contract all by tarnishing his 8-year Red Sox career. More from LA Times:

“Every day I thank God I came here and had the chance to show people who I really am,” he says. “The guy you see here — that’s who I am.”

Sat down with Ramirez on Saturday for a couple of hours at the Dodgers’ hotel to talk about his future, dogging it in Boston, and his reputation as a flake.

Until now, he hasn’t had much to say about Boston, what went wrong, and what lingering impact it might have in shaping opinions of him as a free agent.

“The first time I stepped foot in Boston, I said to myself, ‘Whoa.’ I told Pedro Martinez, ‘Damn, man, I just want to get traded and get out of here; this place is not me.’ I was unhappy for eight years in Boston but still put up great numbers.”

He signed a contract with Boston for $160 million, a deal with options that could’ve swelled to $200 million. And he was unhappy — so unhappy he walked away from $40 million over the next two years.

“Baseball in Boston is like a Sunday football game, but played every day,” he says. “We lose in L.A., I go to breakfast and people say, ‘Well, you’ll get them tomorrow.’ In Boston, it’s ‘Hey, what’s going on, the Yankees are coming.’

“It’s just a different atmosphere. The fans in Boston got your back no matter what, but I’m talking about the people who write all this bull because it means so much to them. If your happiness depends on Boston winning or losing, you have to get a life.”

“I would bring my kids to the park and I want my kids to be kids, but there’d be people trying to interview them. That’s so stupid,” Ramirez says. “I’d go to the parking lot after the game and 20 people I didn’t know would be offering food, CDs and things — then wanting something in return.

“Here the game ends, I go to the elevator, my car and no one bothers me.”


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