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Beckett Strains His Oblique

Posted by Mike on September 29, 2008

Boston Red Sox ace, Josh Beckett was expected to pitch Game 1 in Anahiem against the Angels, but not anymore. While pitching his usual bullpen session, the Red Sox ace suffered a strained oblique muscle which will sideline for at least Games 1 & 2. It’s hopeful that Beckett might be able to pitch Game 3 in Boston, but that right now is a hopeful wish. Beckett, sustained the injury on the 40th pitch on Friday, doing his usual bullpen session. After the pitch, Beckett told the Boston Globe “Because it was raining and things like that, he was almost done. I don’t think it actually was something where he just threw it and grabbed it. It was almost in-between pitches, where he took a deep breath and was like, ‘Man, I feel something”. These types of injuries take a lot longer than a week to heal. It’s more than likely that Beckett will probably be out for the series against the Angels. Although, he reportedly said he felt a lot better on Saturday. More from the Boston Globe:

While oblique injuries are often tricky, like the one Mike Lowell suffered Aug. 13, which kept him out until Sept. 5, the team believes Beckett should be well enough to pitch in Game 3. If the Sox did not, Francona said, he wouldn’t have been given a date to start in the postseason.

“I don’t think we would slot him in [if we weren’t confident],” Francona said. “If it goes the wrong way, we’re going to use hopefully very good judgment. We’re slotting him in there because we think he can pitch there. Friday was actually discussed. I think after Theo [Epstein] and I and John Farrell talked about it more and more and more, we thought that was pushing it.”


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