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For $1,000,000

Posted by Mike on September 26, 2008

Would you have unprotected sex with this woman ?

This is how the real Survivor show should go. Sleeping with drug-addicted women and see if you live. I’d rather staple my testicles to my leg for $1,000,000 then sleep with Amy Winehouse. As much as I want a Million, I gotta pass, although I would be willing to sleep with Ashley Tisdale for a cool Mill.


One Response to “For $1,000,000”

  1. flybenji said

    Addiction is really sad. Both Barack Obama & John Mc Cain had alcoholic fathers & so did Ronald Regan & almost everyone knows about Betty Ford. There is no such thing as an alcoholic or addict of any kind that only has one addiction.Sexual addiction runs with alcoholism but the vast majority of alcoholics & addicts are living in stark raving denial & delusion about sexual addiction. It is not a moral issue it is a very serious mental disorder more srious than drug or alcohol addiction.Many female sex addicts are also anorexic or bulemic & the photo above kinda of implies that also & nothing is more serious or deadly. The sad thing is childhood sexual abuse, incest, rape or molestation or other types of childhood trauma is what sets people up to become like this most often & it matters not how talented, gifted or rich they are & yes it would not be a good idea to become involved as promiscuity & everybody & their brother can & will kill you. Anyone that has unprotected sex with anyone that has not been throughly tested & then wait 6 months to get tested again is at risk for HIV & it matters not who they are or who you think they are as many of these people are very good at hiding & covering up their secret double lives.The one above is at the point she is not trying to hide it anymore & the disease is killing her now.It has progressed to the point of no return. No one can save or fix anyone with these mental disorders that can come up unexpectedly at any time in their lives & are incurable with abstinence the only solution.It also sounds like someone has a problem with sexual objectification whereby people are objects to them & not real live persons with feelings. That is another story & problem of course.

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