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Eric Gagne Tries To Get On The Good Side Of Brewer Fans

Posted by Mike on September 26, 2008

Getting a one-year $10 Million dollar contract from a team not known to spend that type of money, automatically puts the spotlight on you. That is the contract that Eric Gagne received from the Milwaukee Brewers, and he has done little if anything to deserve that contract. To date, Gagne has ten saves, a 5.44 ERA, and seven blown saves. The Brewers reliever got $1 Million dollars per save, not exactly the best return on investment for the Brewers. The Canadian born reliever has been in the eye of he storm for Brewer fans, they been forced to have others close games because Gagne is simply not reliable. So what is Gagne trying to do to get back on the good side of Brewer fans ? According to OnMilwaukee, Gagne has purchased 5,000 tickets to an actual big game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, and he is giving them away for free. The tickets could be received on the Brewers website were gone in 20 minutes. It won’t exactly remedy Gagne’s woes in Milwaukee, but it was a clever idea on how to get some fan support back on your side. More from OnMilwaukee:

Miller Park should be rocking tonight when the Brewers play the Pirates in a pivotal game with post-season implications.

Thanks to Eric Gagne, it’ll be a little more crowded, too.

Gagne, who has drawn fan ire with some shaky relief work this season, purchased 5,000 tickets to the game, which were given away free to fans through the team Web site — The tickets were gone in 20 minutes.

Starting at 3:30, fans could go to to request up to four tickets. Fans requesting the complimentary tickets were be subject to a one-time $2 fee for printing their ticket order at home, or a $4 per order fee for picking up at Miller Park will call.

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