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Don’t Try This At Home

Posted by Mike on September 26, 2008

If you think you tough, you’re not nearly as boxer Juan Carlos Robles. I know what you’re thinking, he’s a crusierweight boxer, how tough he can be, You probably think one of your shits weighs more then him. In April 2007, while driving his Suzuki 1100, Robles got into an accident, which resulted in him breaking his right kneecap, dislocated right elbow, broken right forearm and road rash on his right ring and pinkie fingers. Big deal right ? Just another idiot driving his motorcycle too fast, but that’s half the story, Robles told the Washington Times, that because his pinkie finger was so messed up it jeopardized his boxing career, and he had no medical insurance thanks to George Bush, so he preformed surgery on himself ; “so he went home, put towels over the kitchen table and blocked off a working area with several two-by-fours. He put gauze around the area and twisted soldering wire around his right pinkie to slow the flow of blood. Then I put a wood chisel on it and dropped a 15-pound weight on the chisel,” Robles said. “The piece shot out about six feet like a missile.” Now that’s tough. I’m whining every time I get anal warts, and this guy cuts off his own finger. That’s a man.

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