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You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me

Posted by Mike on September 25, 2008

Yesterday the Detroit Lions fired Club President and GM, Matt Millen after his 31-84 record over seven seasons. Today comes word form, that Millen will collect $50 Million dollars over the sevens seasons he was with the Detroit Lions. During his first five seasons with the club he made $3 Million Dollars per year, and then he got a five-year extension worth a reported $5 Million dollars a year. To date, Millen has already collect over $35 Million dollars. Due to his firing he will whole kit and kaboodle. Talk about a waste of money. Millen inherited a poor Lions franchise and did nothing to make it better, if anything he may have made it worse. He has had some good draft picks: Ernie Sims, Roy Williams, and Calvin Johnson, but not much else. He’s biggest mistake was when he selected University of Oregon quarterback Joey Harrington in the first round, and since that selection the Lions have been on a downward spiral. Yesterday, on NFL Total Access, former Lions coach Steve Mariucci had some rather revealing comments about Millen (courtesy of Pro Football Talk):

“Whether you’re talking about Matt or anyone else in the business world, there are certain steps that one needs to learn his craft,” Mariucci said.  “Matt was a heck of a player, he played on some real good teams, some Super Bowl teams, and he was a heck of a broadcaster too.  He was a fun guy to watch, but you can’t project him as a CEO or president of a billion dollar organization without the skills or background in administration. 

“Keep in mind, he had never been a coach, never been a scout, and never had any management experience at all.  To think he would do a good job is really speculative.  He didn’t have the background or qualifications to jump into personnel nor take the time and interest. 

“Ron Wolf will go out and scout every kid you talk about.  Matt’s interest really wasn’t there.  I don’t think he was equipped with his background to do a good job.  He certainly had an interest, certainly loves football, he certainly has a passion, but I think his skills would say that he simply didn’t have the experience to do a good job in management.”

From Tirico Suave:


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  1. DDP said

    That would be like you paying Zippa for the job he does running this site when you go on one of your excursions.

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