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Together Forever ?

Posted by Mike on September 25, 2008

Could America’s favorite couple since Sonny and Cher be getting back together ? According to The Daily Mail, Britney Spears, and my man Kevin Federline, aka K-Fed ( I need a nickname like this), are undergoing couples counselling to rebuild their relationship. Say it ain’t so. This is almost as good as The New Kids on The Block getting back together. Also, it allows for K-Fed to mooch off of Brit Brit some more. More for The Daily Mail:

In a shock new move she and her ex-husband Kevin Federline are considering getting back together, it has been reported by America’s National Enquirer.

The two are reportedly undergoing couples counselling to rebuild their relationship in the hope that they can raise their two sons as a family.

‘Part of their therapy involves going on formal dates and Britney is so excited,’ a source told the magazine. ‘She’s never stopped loving Kevin or hoping they’d get back together.

‘Kevin still loves Britney too and if all goes well after six months of counselling they’ll move back in together with the boys.’


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