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That’s A Relief

Posted by Mike on September 25, 2008

There have been rumors circulating that Cincinnati Reds manger Dusty Baker’s daughter is dating current Reds outfielder Corey Patterson. In today’s Cincinnati.comDusty squashed any rumors of the love affair between his daughter and Patterson. There was talk from recently ousted Reds GM, Wayne Krivsky that he was told to pull a Tom Coughlin (Coughlin drafted Chris Snee in the second round of th NFL Draft, Snee had a daughter with Coughlin’s daughter, they are now married) and sign Patterson, because Dusty wanted to keep a close eye on his future son-in-law. Dusty knows the life of Major League Baseball players, you got you wife at home with the kids, and on the road you pull a Derek Lowe and nail everything in sight. However, the Reds manager claims that all these accusations are false. More from

There’s been a persistent rumor floating around the Reds that Baker’s 28-year-old daughter, Natosha, is dating and/or engaged to outfielder Corey Patterson.

Baker finally had enough when players on the Astros asked him about it.

There’s no truth to it, Baker said. Natosha is not dating Patterson.

“She hasn’t even been to Cincinnati,” Baker said. “This is so far out of line. It’s hurtful to my wife and daughter. How can people stoop that low? I don’t know who started it. But I’ve been hearing from fans, players, announcers.”

Former general manager Wayne Krivsky said after he was fired that CEO Bob Castellini had told him to get the Patterson deal done, the implication being that Baker was behind the signing. Patterson played for Baker in Chicago.

But Baker asked: “Who am I to get someone a job like that?”

Baker also pointed out that Patterson’s playing time lately is largely due to injuries and trades.


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