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Picture Association

Posted by Mike on September 25, 2008

I am going to show you two pictures and you make a phrase:

The      again.

Could it be possible that they blow another late season lead and not make the playoffs?  We all know what happened last year with a 7 game lead and 17 games left to play… Ya they um, choked.  This year they had a 3.5 game lead and blew that to fall 1.5 games behind the Phillies and tied in the Wild Card with the Brewers.  The Mets finish the season off against the Marlins and the Brewers against the Cubs.  Most likely the Cubs will rest its regulars and set up its rotation going into the playoffs. While on the other hand the Marlins plan to play all the starters as if they were in the chase still.  The Mets have lost 6 of 11 at home and blew another game they had when they chased Zambrano out last night.  The Miserable Mets will have another long offseason to think about what happens if they slip up again.  Maybe its all the off field distractions of having there road whores post pictures of them over there my space pages, it just a thought.  Any way if you guessed the Mets Choke again you right. Yes that is the international symbol of choke not DDP choking on a 10 inch dildo.


One Response to “Picture Association”

  1. McChanski said

    Bottom of the 10th, drunk Mets fan behind home plate flipping everyone dual birds

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