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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Posted by Mike on September 25, 2008

Recently re-signed New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who has just been suspended for one game because he didn’t show up to practice, nor did he call the team to tell them about his whereabouts, or did he answer their calls, apparently has a history of domestic disturbance calls at his home, according to In each time that the cops have came to the Burress home, his wife has phoned the police to come. Sounds like the Giants re-signed a high character player. The details of the calls prove what must people already thought about Burress: he’s an asshole. More from North Jersey:

Records show Tiffany Burress called police on June 2 following what she said was an argument with her husband. When officers arrived, she claimed he had grabbed her. He, in turn, said his wife slapped him in the face.

Police were called again on Aug. 19. According to a report of the incident, Tiffany Burress left her husband at a New York nightclub after the two got into an argument there. Plaxico Burress arrived home later and began playing loud music, it says.

Citing the couple’s small child, Tiffany Burress called police to the house, records show. She got another municipal order against her husband — which also was dismissed at the state level.


2 Responses to “Home Is Where The Heart Is”

  1. DDP said

    Sounds like he has a rage problem. Now we know why he doesn’t practice. The team is afraid he would murder Eli after one of his typical passes that goes either out of bounds or into a defenders grasp. Now a normal defender would catch that pass as long as his last name doesn’t rhyme with manual. Still bitter.

  2. […] to Giants that Monday, and he did not call nor answer the Giants calls. It was later found out that Burress may have had a few altercations at his home, as the reason he did not show. Jay Glazer of Fox Sports now reports that Burress as […]

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