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St. Louis Blues Star Defensemen Out For Year Due To Golfing Accident

Posted by Mike on September 24, 2008

 St Louis Blues star defensemen Erik Johnson had one of the most rarest of injuries yesterday while golfing. The former #1 draft pick tore his ACL and MCL (maybe he can rehab with Tom Brady) because his foot apparently got caught between the gas pedal and brake. The first thing people are going to think about this accident is how drunk was Erik Johnson ? I am here to say that I highly doubt he was drunk. First of all he isn’t even 21 yet, but if he was drunk something like this never would have happened. He may have crashed the golf cart, but due to being drunk no injury would have come of it. He would  have been loose and limber and he could have easily pulled out his leg out and saved his ACL and MCL. Johnson forgot about the first rule of golfing; you need at least a six-pack while golfing. The injury will result in the defensemen missing the entire upcoming season. It’s a big loss for the Blues, since Johnson is supposed to be the next Chris Pronger.


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