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Red Sox Clinch Playoff Berth

Posted by Mike on September 24, 2008

For the fourth time in the Terry Francona era the Boston Red Sox are going to the playoffs. More than likely the Red Sox will win the Wild Card and face the Los Angels Angels in the first round. A team they are all too familiar with. The celebration last night was well worth it. After a tough season dealing with the Manny Ramirez fiasco, a rash of injuries, and just enduring the everyday grind that is baseball, last night celebration was a release of all that built up stress that the season taxes players and mangers with. Although there was one person who didn’t deem the celebration necessary. Any guess who it was ????……None other then the man who created the curse himself, Dan Shaughnessy. In his column in today’s Boston Globe, Shaughnessy wrote:

Having said all that, does anybody else find these early-accomplishment celebrations a little overdone?

Do they really need to cover the lockers with plastic wrap and spray one another with champagne because they have officially qualified as one of the final eight teams in this year’s tournament? Is this what administrators do at Harvard when they are named one of America’s top 10 colleges by US News & World Report?

Would he be happier if they didn’t make the playoffs?

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