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Golden State Warriors Are Your Baggage Handlers

Posted by Mike on September 24, 2008

The Golden State Warriors want their players to be able to relate with the common man. So what better to do then have them working at an airline handling Southwest job duties at Oakland International Airport. Not sure this is the best of ideas. One accidental cup of a women’s breast and the Warriors are in a boat-land of trouble. Not to mention having hot-headed Stephen Jackson around a group of people might not be the best of ideas. Do they not forget the Pacers/Pistons brawl, or the time he fired shots at strip club parking lot ? That’s the gentlemen that’s going to handle your bags, and if he’s says you can’t carry that on the plane, you better not. Thanksfully, the InsidetheBayArea was there to cover the event:

Before takeoff, Jackson boarded the plane to make last-minute announcements, wish the passengers a safe journey and tidy up a bit.

“You don’t mind me moving your bag, do you, sir?” said Jackson, shutting the NBA logo-covered overhead compartments and preparing passengers for takeoff.

“No,” a passenger replied, “just as long as you don’t mind giving me your autograph.”

When asked about what’s in store for fans in the coming months, Jackson replied, “We’re starting off on a runway, so you know we’re taking off this season.”


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