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Lions Fans Get Their Wish

Posted by Mike on September 24, 2008

Lions fans your dream has finally come to fruition, according to Jay Glazer, yes, the same Jay Glazer that reported Raiders coach Lane Kiffin would be fired Monday, reports that Matt Millen is out as GM and President of the Detroit Lions. Fans of the Lions should celebrate like they just won the Super Bowl, or your baseball team just made the playoffs. The tumultuous era of Matt Millen is finally over. It’s a period of seven years which Lions fans will want to forget. Since 2001 when Millen took over the helm, the Lions have gone 31-84. Compare that to the New England Patriots won more games in three years (38) then Millen won in the seven years he ran the Lions. Fans have been begging for his firing since 2005, and if not for his relationship with William Clay Ford he would have been fired. That relationship that the two shared somehow allowed for Millen to be the second-highest paid GM in the league. Don’t cry for Millen, he’s rich enough, and he will sure return to the broadcast booth in which many thought he was the next John Madden (in a good way).


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